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Tsinghua Leadership Program Winter 2015 Graduation Ceremony

  • After 7 months of this leadership program, some of our mentees have grown to be entrepreneurs, some have found their way to move up the corporate ladder, and some have started a new career.

  • All of the mentees have received valuable advice on career development.

  • Total 8 groups, 51 mentees, will share what they have learned from 27 mentors at the graduation ceremony.

  • “Best Achievement Prizes” for the top three groups (1st prize $500, 2nd prize $300, 3rd prize $200).

  • We will also announce summer 2016 Tsinghua leadership program and open the program for enrollment.

Please join us. When: 2-4 PM, June 12, 2016

Where: Innospring (2901 Tasman Dr, #107, Santa Clara, CA 95054) Sign up link:

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